Last night I went to the IFI (Irish Film Institute) to view the documentary film ‘Atlantic’.

Beautifully filmed in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland, Atlantic follows the stories of three fishing communities, that share an ocean, its resources and all the complexities that goes with that.

Brendan Gleeson does a fantastic job of narrating this film and spoke very passionately on the subjects in question, in the Q&A that followed the film.

Atlantic was crowdfunded and took four years to make. I would very much recommend this film, if you wish to learn about a part of our community that frequently gets overlooked.

The link to the films website is below.untitled-8320


Santa – Where to find him.



This is a list of places where you can find Santa on the net.

This site allows Santa to send personalised letters to children.

This site allows Santa send a personalised video to children.

Does your child want a video call from Santa? If so, this is the site for you.

This is great on Christmas Eve, it helps you track Santa’s movements.

If you would prefer to track Santa on Google Maps.


Santa is on Twitter

Santa’s Facebook page.